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About Us

Strong Pro Realty Group - REAL Broker

SPR Group - REAL is part of the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the USA. At the heart of this success are its exceptional agents. The REAL brokerage takes pride in having a team of experienced, dedicated, and highly skilled real estate professionals.


To mentor, train, lead and inspire agents. To provide the right tools & marketing with an aggressive commission split. No Junk Fees, Ever.


Most important, “You Matter” As world-renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker says, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” You can have the best strategy in the world, but if culture is not up to the task, you will not succeed. 

COMMUNITY GIVING - A Culture of Caring

We believe in giving back to our communities and the causes that affect our lives and families. The Strong Pro Realty Company and agents participate with several hands-on charitable organizations. We carefully select each organization to ensure they are using the funds towards the cause, and not for large offices and high-salaries.